How Effective is Griffonia Simplicifolia as a Weight Loss Supplement?

How effective is Griffonia simplicifolia as a weight loss supplement? “Very effective,” says Mehmet Oz, who calls it a miracle appetite suppressant. In fact, the world-famous doctor names Griffonia among the top natural weight loss supplements on the market.

Griffonia simplicifolia supplements contain oil extract from the seeds of a West African shrub. Griffonia seeds produce chemicals that are known to curb the appetite and reduce cravings. The miracle of Griffonia simplicifolia is that it offers many different health benefits. As well as appetite suppression, Griffonia lifts the mood, relieves pain and promotes sleep.

How Do Griffonia Simplicifolia Supplements Work?

Griffonia simplicifolia supplements work by raising serotonin levels in the body. Griffonia seeds contain 5-HTP, a short name for 5-hydroxytryptophan. This plant-based amino acid boosts serotonin neurotransmitters in the intestines, brain and nervous system. Elevated levels of serotonin impact mood and behavior in a positive way.

Griffonia simplicifolia supplements are most effective for appetite suppression, as documented in numerous scientific studies. According to Dr. Oz, hunger is the brain’s desire for serotonin. The natural effects of 5-HTP reduce calorie consumption by more than 40 percent. This makes Griffonia an excellent aid for weight control.

Dieters who take Griffonia simplicifolia supplements may also benefit from glucomannan, grape seed oil and pine nuts. These natural remedies are the best appetite suppressants available today. Dr. Oz recommends all four for appetite suppresion, weight management and overall health.

Griffonia Simplicifolia Dosage Recommendation

Dr. Oz suggests taking 200 milligrams of Griffonia simplicifolia on a daily basis. Other nutrition experts recommend a daily dosage somewhere between 50 and 300 milligrams. Studies show that higher levels of Griffonia simplicifolia may be helpful for other health needs. However, higher levels also cause more side effects.

The most consistent dosage recommendation for Griffonia simplicifolia is 50 milligrams taken three times a day. This seems to be the best “prescription” for appetite suppression and weight loss. Higher doses are effective for treating depression, insomnia and chronic pain. A doctor can determine the best supplement dose for optimal results.

Potential Griffonia Simplicifolia Side Effects

Griffonia simplicifolia supplements are generally safe and healthy for most users. Taken by itself, 5-HTP causes very few side effects. Some formulas combine Griffonia extract with caffeine, kava root and other natural ingredients to boost its effectiveness. These formulas are also generally safe.

Mixing any dietary supplements with prescription drugs can be harmful, however. Taking Griffonia simplicifolia with antidepressants may cause anxiety, confusion and rapid heart rate. The natural side effects of Griffonia alone are much less severe. Nausea, heartburn, gas, constipation and drowsiness are possible but rare.

Overall, 5-HTP supplements are a safe alternative to prescription diet drugs, sleeping pills and antidepressant medications. They are developed without artificial ingredients, binders and fillers. People who follow a natural way of living find this particularly appealing. However, anyone can benefit from the health boosts that come from Griffonia simplicifolia.