Is Colon Cleansing Really A Thing?

The theories behind colon cleansing are all rooted in the age old belief that it is a necessary treatment to maintain optimum health by removing toxic residues from the body helping the body to function as nature intended.

The main belief is in the theory of auto-intoxication, an ancient theory that began with the Egyptian physicians who would administer a colon cleansing program as the initial step prescribed for any and all ailments. Egyptians would purge or detoxify themselves monthly, as the colon contains waste and waste was associated with decay and decay was a result of death.

It is believed that undigested foods such as meats and breads leave residues which build up in the walls of the intestine creating a breeding ground for parasites. It is further believed that the waste and toxins which are to be expelled when we defecate are being left in the colon silently re-poisoning our bodies the longer they continue to build up.

Greek physicians eventually adopted this belief and it finally gained acceptance in the Western World in the 1800’s.

In the same vein is the well-known practice in India called Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is a practice which cleanses the body of substances that can contribute to disease thereby helping to restore the harmony and balance to the body.

It is the belief of Naturalists should the colon become impaired, the rest of the entire eliminatory system in the body will be thrown off and the immune system will be weakened resulting in headaches, chronic fatigue, mood swings and dull skin tone.

All believe the colon is of great importance in our overall health and wellness. All believe the symptoms of the toxic build up can range from fatigue, headache, weight gain, bloating, constipation and low energy, to much more severe and debilitating diseases.

There are studies that estimate as much as 85% of all adults are suffering from some sort of colon related gastrointestinal disturbances and irregular bowel movements, leading to the increase in the quest for information on the natural treatment of colon cleansing.

All theories and physicians agree that human waste must be regularly eliminated from our system.

It is commonly thought of today that the colon can be compared to a sewer system. It is a necessary to daily life and if the sewers get clogged by debris, the system backs up and the local neighborhood would experience sewage flooding the streets, leaving some despicable living conditions. Just as if your colon does not properly function and properly eliminate the toxins, build-up and parasites, it will have an immediate effect on your surrounding organs and overall health. However, when the colon is functioning properly, we will experience energy, vitality, wellness and balance.

In this stressful, fast-paced world, we as Americans often indulge in fast food, prepared food, sugary drinks, smoking and other not so healthy choices, making the colon cleanse a natural option for detoxification and increased health.