Moroccon Oil: Outsmart Botox

Throughout history, women everywhere have wanted to keep skin young looking. They fight to avoid the wrinkling that comes with age and exposure to the sun and the elements. Many products and procedures to help have been developed over the centuries.

Botox injections continue to be used despite being a derivative of a toxin. Would Ponce de Leon and the other explorers searching for the fountain of youth have searched for solutions with chemicals to apply to the face? Even Cleopatra knew that natural products like milk and oil kept her skin soft and supple. Today, the trend is getting back to natural chemical-free products. Fighting the free radicals that damage skin starts within with natural foods full of antioxidants and continues with natural products applied topically.

Moraccon oil is one of the super products found in nature that is the secret to youthful looking skin. Moroccon oil is simply argon oil. It comes naturally from a nut that is part of the fruit of an argon tree. The argon tree is only found in the southwestern dessert region of Morocco. The oil is an ancient secret that the women there have known about for many centuries. Berber women used both the nut and fruit of the argan tree to help them achieve beauty, radiance and vitality for their hair, skin and nails.

Long ago, the women of this region would find undigested pits from the argon tree in the waste of goats that the Berber people herded to earn a living. Of course they washed the nuts well first. Then the nuts were ground to make an oil. Today, Morrocon oil, or argan oil is harvested straight from the fruit of the argan tree.

The ancient secret of Morrocon, or argan oil has spread like wildfire to the United States and Canada, and the popularity is spreading to Great Briton, Australia and other places. Therefore, the natives are quick to grow and harvest the fruit responsibly. It is a hearty tree, living to be 200 years or more while resisting droughts and the harshness of the elements.

Why is the ancient secret of Morrocan oil growing in popularity so quickly? Because it really works to keep skin smooth and wrinkle free. It softens hair as well, leaving it naturally shiny and healthy looking, making dry split ends disappear like magic. Argan oil works because it is loaded with vitamin E and lots of essential fatty acids. It has been shown through much research that these are the essentials that are needed to keep hair, skin and nails healthy, glowing and youthful looking. The nutrients are needed both inside and out.

Today Moroccon oil is produced by a press-extraction process. It is more oxidation-resistant than olive oil. It is very rich in phenols, carotene and squalene in addition to the vitamin E and fatty acids skin and hair needs.

Because of the rarity of the oil and its gaining popularity, it is a bit pricey. However, because it keeps fresh for 18 months and only a little is needed, Moroccon oil is well worth the price.