Powerful little known secrets of BaoBab Oil for Skin and Hair

The Baobab tree is native to southern and eastern Africa and is a long-lived tree. The tree has been known to live from 500 to more than 2,500 years. It has an unusual shape and its parts have been used by the local people for centuries. The leaves can be eaten like spinach, the fruit is a thickener for stews or can be made into a nutritious drink. The pulp of the fruit has six times more vitamin C than an orange. However, the seeds hold the real treasure of this tree.

The seeds are cold pressed to produce oil that is very high in vitamins A, D, E and F as well as Omega three, six and nine fatty acids. This oil is very stable against becoming rancid and is extremely beneficial when applied to skin and hair.

Fatty acids are essential for healthy, youthful skin and they get depleted because of exposure to Ultraviolet rays, through the natural aging process, because of a poor immune system or poor overall health.

The body does not manufacture fatty acids, so they must be obtained through the diet or by applying them topically to the skin and hair. They regulate and strengthen cell function and protect the skin from toxic substances in the environment. They improve the elasticity of the skin and foster regeneration of skin cells. Baobab oil is a good way to give the skin and hair all they need because it is absorbed quickly without clogging pores and does not leave the skin oily or greasy.

Baobab oil can lessen the symptoms of several skin disorders including thin skin, sun spots, chronic bruising and chronic dry skin. It is suitable for people suffering from psoriasis, eczema, skin cancer, dermatitis, non-healing wounds including diabetic ulcers and scaly skin disorders.

One of the best aspects of Baobab oil is that it is a fixed oil. This means it can be applied directly to the skin without burning or it can be added to other oils and creams. To treat problem areas or just add fatty acids to the skin, Baobab oil can be:

• Applied directly to the problem areas on the skin one or two times a day
• Massaged into the face on the cheeks and around the eyes and mouth
• Rubbed into the skin as a body moisturizer
• Added to another face cream or body lotion
• Added as bath oil to the bath water or applied to the skin before drying after a bath or shower. The oil will absorb in a few minutes after which the person can dry

Baobab oil is becoming more and more popular as people experience its benefits for skin care. It can diminish fine lines and wrinkles, ease stretch marks and reduce scarring. It gives dry, brittle hair a new, lustrous life. Because of its richness in omega fatty acids, it is often blended with other skin care products, but the pure oil is the most effective as a moisturizer for dry skin and as a treatment for more serious skin problems.