Red Palm Oil – A Great Anti-aging Natural Moisturizer

A lot of television shows have been talking about Red Palm oil lately as the newest great health product. The oil is derived from fruit that grows on palm trees in West Africa. The dark red color of the oil is caused by the high amounts of beta carotene, alpha carotene and lycopene. Research has shown that red palm oil can help to prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, fight aging and many other things. It contains a high concentration of vitamins and minerals such as iron, carotene, and vitamin E. The antioxidants contained in red palm oil have been proven to be helpful in the fight against aging. Because of its ability to hydrate, many people have used red palm oil to keep their skin and hair moisturized and healthy. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why red palm oil is becoming a popular topic in the natural health industry.

People began to use red palm oil as cooking oil during the mid-1990s. Further research and animal studies eventually revealed the other health benefits of the oil and how it can be used in other ways. It is even being used to create biodiesel in some areas of the world. Many natural beauty products are starting to add red palm oil to their list of ingredients and customers who try it are always quite pleased with the results. Some people even choose to create their own hair and skin products with red palm oil. It’s quite simple to do since all it generally requires is for you to add the oil to your existing hair and skin products. You can also use the oil by putting it directly on your skin, hair and scalp. The high concentration of vitamin E will give your skin a healthy glow and give your hair a healthy shine. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is very powerful when fighting against the free radicals that can cause aging. Red palm oil has the highest levels of vitamin E compared to any other natural oil, so it is a highly effective anti-aging natural moisturizer.

It is always best to use raw, unprocessed red palm oil to get the most nutritional benefit. No matter if you are ingesting it to prevent heart disease and lower cholesterol or applying it externally to your skin and hair, unprocessed oil will always give you better results. Processed oils have fewer minerals and often have higher levels of stearic acid, which is a good thing to avoid. Plenty of health food stores and online retailers have raw, unprocessed red palm oil for sale.

Any good natural anti-aging moisturizer needs to contain nutrients called toctrienols. One such toctrienol is vitamin E. Red palm oil contains more than 10 different kinds of toctrienols. This is one of the main reasons it is so effective as an anti-aging natural moisturizer. The tocrienols have the ability to go deeply into the skin and protect your skin cells from free radicals and other harmful things. Give red palm oil a try and see the difference for yourself!